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Random Shapes.

before the idea came about in how to draw a flower and a heart... how to feel it in with a solid color. like red or create different colors interline... a few years have passed. when I was in high school I had a graphic art class. that required me to do the same type of shape that I had to fill the interlines with different color lines with a brush. This was to see how good we are with a brush. And then boom before you know it I'm in the army... looking in an aerial map... of a cluster mountain region. it look the same as the piece. with different color interlines that piece which I named app graph... that was the color mark of the depth of the Mountain...each color line represented different height region the Mountain. When I saw it I thought it was really cool I thought can I create a shape ?.

then I will be easier for me to create a shape...out of Random shapes...that doesn't require me to use straight lines...but at that time it was just a thought it was 1989…..I was only 17...the only thing I was doing is doodling on notebook... it wasn't until I moved to Atlanta Georgia... 1992...that I looked that 60s style poster…..only then...I started drawing on canvas...the understanding of app graph came to Life.