Book Page 4

What Now?

so now that I have the understanding. how do I continue.and what type of subject paintings do I wanna make. I decided to go with a random animated character.which most of my paintings are mostly of the male character's. I have done plenty of female character's. but more life like than animated.


sometimes I wish I haven't sold some of my paintings in the 90s. I either don't have good photos of them. or I don't have photos at all. the only place they located is in my memory.that's why I don't like to Sell my paintings. what can I say this painting photo is from the 90s. taken with the camera that's two megapixels. Paintings that l've done of models, war more popular back in the 90s. it's been a long time since the 90s.The subject of the background in my paintings have also change .Today's paintings are more natural less virtual. {Now I add buildings benches trees and other objects to the background}... I have to restrain myself from adding natural background and keeping it virtual.